HJS This Week On Migrant Crisis and Russia


The Henry Jackson Society is looking closely at the continuing migrant crisis in Europe as well as peace negotiations in Syria and at Russia’s economic problems.

Our experts are available for analysis and commentator on these and other stories.

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director
“With EU leaders meeting in Amsterdam today, it’s time for them to face facts about the scale of Europe’s migrant crisis. Europe has lost control over its borders, and only a reintroduction of border controls can ensure that the flow is reduced to more manageable levels. Schengen is dead as an idea. The only question is whether the EU is brave enough to bury it now, or let its corpse stagger on to the next crisis later this year.”

Dr Andrew Foxall, Director, Russia Studies Centre
“The global collapse in oil prices is reordering economic relations around the world, but the change is particularly acute in Russia, which relies on energy exports for 50 percent of its federal budget. Oil is now below $30 per barrel, and the last time oil prices were so low and stayed there, in the 1980s, the Soviet Union collapsed. This must surely be playing on the mind of Mr Putin, who is a keen student of history.”

Hannah Stuart, Fellow
Hannah is continuing her work on Islamism-inspired terrorism in the UK and is available to comment on counter-extremism and radicalisation-related issues.


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