HJS This Week On Iran and Integration


We begin the week by welcoming the Prime Minister’s new multi-million pound initiative to integrate Muslim women into British society, but more needs to be done to challenge the role of Sharia councils which are leading women into “marital captivity”.

We are also keeping a close watch on Iran, following the lifting of sanctions. Our experts are available to comment on these and other defence and security related stories this week:

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director
“Iran may have met its obligations under the ‎JCOPA to enable sanctions lifting, but now that we have given up our leverage to ensure future nuclear compliance, we will need to make sure that every other detail of the agreement is rigorously enforced. Iran has a history of nuclear cheating, and we will not want to go down in history as the enablers of further aggression in the Middle East.”

Dr Andrew Foxall, Director, Russia Studies Centre
“Almost a decade after Alexander Litvinenko’s poisoning, the conclusions of an official inquiry into his death are to be published on Thursday. The inquiry will surely conclude what is generally thought to be the case – that ultimate responsibility lies with the Kremlin.”

Tom Wilson, Resident Associate Fellow
“The shocking knife attacks on two mothers in the West Bank—including the murder of one—comes as a reminder of how the anti-Israel incitement that the Palestinian Authority has promoted for years is continuing to have a terrible impact on the people living in that part of the world.”


Dr Andrew Foxall discusses the resignation of Russia’s government with Mike Graham

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses the resignation of Russia’s government on Sky News

Jamila Mammadova discusses Russia’s role in the Libyan conflict on Al Jazeera with Lauren Tailor



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