HJS This Week on crucial Syria vote


This is a crucial week as the House of Commons decides whether to back air strikes against Islamic State in Syria.

It has been a long journey to get to a second vote and The Henry Jackson Society has over the past three years been consistent in calling for the necessity of hitting IS in it’s heartland and for creating safe zones for refugees fleeing both the jihadists and the Assad regime. Our experts and researchers are available for comment and analysis on Syria throughout the week:

Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director:

“This week, British MPs will have the opportunity to show what kind of country we are. Will we accept that it is only fair and right that we take on our share of the security burden against the Islamic State threat that menaces all of the world? Or will we skulk on the sidelines as others engage on our behalf? For moral, strategic and security reasons, MPs must deliver a strong mandate for airstrikes to occur in Syria, just as they already are in Iraq.”

Emily Dyer, Research Fellow:

Emily is continuing to assess the Islamic State threat to Europe and the role of Islamist ideology in violent and non-violent extremism, to be detailed in a forthcoming paper. She is available to comment on IS and female jihadis.

Hannah Stuart, Research Fellow:

Hannah is continuing her work in Islamism-inspired terrorism in the UK and is available to comment on counter-extremism and radicalisation-related issues.

Tom Wilson, Resident Associate Fellow, on Israel:

“Israel has now responded to the EU’s decision to single out goods from West Bank Jewish communities for special classification, labelling them as settlement products. In response to the new EU labelling regulations, the Israeli government is suspending the role of EU diplomats in peace efforts with the Palestinian Authority.”


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