26 Jan 2016

HJS This Week On Migrant Crisis and Russia

The Henry Jackson Society is looking closely at the continuing migrant crisis in Europe as well as peace negotiations in Syria and at Russia’s economic problems. Our experts are available for analysis and commentator on these and other stories. Dr Alan Mendoza, Executive Director “With EU leaders meeting in Amsterdam today, it’s time for them … Continued

18 Jan 2016

HJS This Week On Iran and Integration

We begin the week by welcoming the Prime Minister’s new multi-million pound initiative to integrate Muslim women into British society, but more needs to be done to challenge the role of Sharia councils which are leading women into “marital captivity”. We are also keeping a close watch on Iran, following the lifting of sanctions. Our … Continued

06 Jan 2016

HJS This Week on Saudi/Iran split

Happy New Year. We begin 2016 with a reminder of the volatility of the Middle East after Saudi Arabia beheaded 47 people on terrorism charges, including a Shia cleric, causing a rift with Iran. This split exposes the real and historic faultline in the Middle East and Muslim world – the Sunni-Shia conflict. The Henry Jackson … Continued

18 Dec 2015

HJS This Week on Prevent and Counter Extremism

We begin a busy week by commenting on the Prevent strategy and how the government can tackle radicalisation. We have a special event following up on these issues, looking at countering campus extremism. And we’re commenting on former Guantanamo Bay detainee Shaker Aamer’s first interviews to the media. The Henry Jackson Society’s experts and researchers … Continued

07 Dec 2015

HJS This Week on Terrorism

Since our last weekly lookahead, we have seen what appears to be Islamic State inspired terrorist attack in California and stabbings in London. It’s a stark reminder that our way of life in the West is threatened. The Henry Jackson Society’s experts are at the fore of researching counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation, and can provide commentary … Continued

30 Nov 2015

HJS This Week on crucial Syria vote

This is a crucial week as the House of Commons decides whether to back air strikes against Islamic State in Syria. It has been a long journey to get to a second vote and The Henry Jackson Society has over the past three years been consistent in calling for the necessity of hitting IS in … Continued

24 Nov 2015

HJS This Week on the SDSR and Islamic State

This morning’s papers have much detail on what the Prime Minister will lay out in the forthcoming Strategic Defence and Security Review, as well as how Britain will seek to combat Islamic State in Syria, following the devastating attacks in Paris. The Henry Jackson Society’s experts and researchers are available for comment and analysis on … Continued

02 Nov 2015

HJS This Week on Sinai crash, surveillance and Turkey

As we look out of the window, the fog over Westminster may provide a suitable metaphor for the long-awaited legislation on online surveillance. Will the Investigatory Powers Bill emerge through the Parliamentary process to see the light of day? That depends on whether lawmakers feels there is adequate judicial jurisdiction for how much information authorities … Continued

26 Oct 2015

HJS This Week on Syria and women’s rights

It might be half-term, but there’s no break in sight for the continuing saga of Assad holding onto power in Syria. After meeting with President Putin in Moscow, the regime is talking of elections – but should this be taken seriously? Also on our agenda this week is a worrying trend of Islamic State endorsing … Continued

12 Oct 2015

HJS This Week on Turkey, Iran, Russia and the Middle East

While domestic news outlets focus on the horrific bombing in Turkey, Iran is also on our agenda as we head towards ‘Adoption Day’ this weekend when the nuclear deal is enacted – we’ll be releasing new research into the impact an emboldened Iran will have in neighbouring Iraq and the fight against Islamic State. But … Continued

31 Mar 2005

Opening Editorial: The Greater Middle East

Towards a Democratic Geopolitics of the Middle East Once it became clear that terrorists of Middle Eastern origin were responsible for the attacks of 9/11, the debate on how to respond produced two very different schools of thought. The one said: ‘We have to change’. This was shorthand for the view that the destruction of the … Continued

15 Mar 2005

Opening Editorial: Africa

‘The immensity of the problem is a good excuse sometimes for doing nothing’, said Jean-Marie Guehenno, the United Nations undersecretary general for peacekeeping, on a visit to Eastern Congo in 2003. One might have added, and still add, that the absence of ‘genocide’ provides an etymological excuse for inaction by developed nations, which, paradoxically, allows … Continued

13 Mar 2005

Opening Editorial: America in the World

Noemie Emery of the Weekly Standard called it the ‘Democrats’ Week from Hell’. Emery was referring to the week that led to the Iraqi elections on 30th January 2005, to a week that seemed to validate the Bush Doctrine, to a week that, according to the current administration, stood as a turning point in the … Continued

12 Mar 2005

Why the Democrats must learn to love the Neocons

Progressive geopolitics depends on unity between and within our great democracies. For this reason, the recent news that Howard Dean, has become the new Chairman of the DNC, is a worrying sign. He was the candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2004 whose fiery anti-war speeches electrified the Democratic grass-roots. His appointment raises the … Continued

11 Mar 2005

Opening Editorial: Greater Europe

The memoirs of Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of the European Coal and Steel Community, the forerunner of the European Union, contained a poignant statement: ‘The community itself is only a stage on the more organised world of tomorrow’.[1]  Two millennia of almost perpetual struggle, conflict and death have now been transcended in … Continued

11 Mar 2005

Opening Editorial: Britain in the World

In the early 1980s the Italians were celebrating il sorpasso as their economy powered ahead of the United Kingdom’s for the first time ever. In less than a century, Britain had been reduced from the most powerful empire in world history to a little island of economic decay, social upheaval and international impotence. The Foreign Office mandarins … Continued

11 Mar 2005

Editorial for the launch of The Henry Jackson Society

Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson – a household name in US politics until the late 1970s – has been much in the news lately. He is now generally associated with the development of ‘neo-conservatism’. This is indeed a very important part of his legacy, but the Jacksonian tradition is a much broader one. ‘Scoop’ was not only … Continued

27 Jan 2005

Don’t Impeach Mr. Blair for Iraq, Commend Him!

The most famous aphorism in Carl von Clausewitz’s study On War defines war as the continuation of politics by other means. Therefore, it is perhaps not too surprising that retired Generals, such as Sir Michael Rose, when not engaged in combat, feel cognisant to make political pronouncements. Indeed, from reading General Sir Michael Rose’s article in The Guardian on … Continued

23 Jul 2003

This is the British Moment

A funny thing happened at Thursday night’s launch of the Henry Jackson Society’s new foreign policy manifesto, The British Moment. A room full of two hundred of ‘the great and the good’ cheered to the rafters at the prospect of a huge increase in both the scope and frequency of British ethical intervention abroad over … Continued


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