29 Jun 2018

Is “non-linear” control taking root in the United Kingdom?

Much has been made in recent years of the concept of “non-linear” warfare as an emerging form of control used by Russia’s authoritarian regime both at home and abroad. Some have also asked whether American politics have succumbed to this form of politics, drawing parallels between the perceived chaos of President Trump’s administration, and the … Continued

15 Jun 2018

Charities with extremist links have stepped up their fundraising game

Yesterday evening was Eid al-Fitr, celebrating the end of Ramadan. I was visiting an Indian restaurant in East London. While in their waiting area, I noticed they had a large box of dawa materials. Following the publication of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector earlier this year, the discovery of … Continued

08 Jun 2018

To defend ourselves, we must understand what we’re facing

The West is facing a new kind of conflict. It is one in which military and non-military tools are combined in a dynamic, efficient, and integrated way to achieve its political aims. It is a form of warfare that Russia has been waging with increasing sophistication for at least the last two decades. During this … Continued

01 Jun 2018

Britain looks confused and beaten. This has to change

As the United Kingdom has got bogged down in withdrawing from the European Union, its attention has been drawn away from wider geopolitical considerations. Indeed, as Britain leaves the European Union, the continent has started to experience increasing geopolitical competition. Germany has gained further in strength, using its economic muscle and influence in the European … Continued

25 May 2018

The world is going to Asia, and it is going by sea

The world is going to Asia, and it is going by sea. As both global political and economic influence move eastwards, the UK must recognise the importance of moving with these trends, or fear being left behind. This is what our new report, Global Britain in the Indo-Pacific, calls for, alongside a renewal of the … Continued

11 May 2018

Leaving the Iran issue to fester has meant a greater threat to international peace and security

Announcing his decision to withdraw the United States from the JCPOA, President Trump cited the agreement’s failure to address Iran’s development of ballistic missiles. Over the last two years, the issue has been left to fester, gradually becoming a greater and greater threat to international peace and security. Iran’s development of a ballistic missile arsenal … Continued

04 May 2018

Censorship on campus must be thwarted from every angle

All too often we have seen speakers being silenced, shouted-down or banned from airing views that seem to offend the sensibilities of a vocal and domineering faction of the student community. It is absolutely right that the Universities Minister Sam Gyimah has announced new plans to ensure free speech is protected on campus. From what … Continued

27 Apr 2018

Who’s more ‘special’: France or Britain?

Earlier this week, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, paid a visit to President Donald Trump in Washington, DC. The two presidents seemed to get on like a house of fire, despite Mr. Trump pulling Mr. Macron behind him like a small child after a press conference. The media on both sides of the Atlantic went … Continued

06 Apr 2018

The suspicions we had about MEND have been confirmed

Last week Channel 4 aired an undercover documentary titled Who Speaks for British Muslims? The programme took a look at the Muslim campaign group MEND. This is the same organisation that we published a report on back in October, exposing this group’s many links with extremism and the promotion of hate. During the course of the … Continued

29 Mar 2018

They stood, holding modest black and white placards with one simple message: enough is enough

Regular visitors to Westminster and the Houses of Parliament will be familiar with protests on the beautifully maintained green that occupies pride of place in Parliament Square. Sometimes these protests are loud, often attention grabbing, and populated by what usually look like dedicated campaigners and activists for the given cause, dressed in uniform, colourful shirts, … Continued

23 Mar 2018

The drive to combat bigotry is being used to promote extremism

A report by The Henry Jackson Society reveals how our drive to combat bigotry, in one case, is being used to promote extremism. Islamophobia Awareness Month [IAM] is a campaign run by Mend, an Islamist organisation with officials who have supported terrorists, expressed disdain for Jews and Shia Muslims, and have suggested that some Jewish … Continued

09 Mar 2018

Terrorist prisoners can have a powerful effect on inmates

Despite a relatively low number of terrorism-related offenders in the European jails, when such prisoners appear in the correctional system, they can have a powerful effect on other inmates in terms of spreading radical ideas they follow. Michael Adebolajo, one of the Lee Rigby killers, has been exerting a considerable influence on other prisoners as … Continued

09 Feb 2018

The world is too dangerous for complacent defence spending

The British government has finally caught on – the world is once again too dangerous for complacent defence spending. Nearly three weeks ago, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter emphasised the United Kingdom would remain the premier European military power after 29 March 2019; by shifting focus away from the challenges posed … Continued

02 Feb 2018

Students Not Suspects has effectively become a vehicle for extremist interests

This week I published my latest report, “Tolerating the Intolerant”: A Report on ‘Students not Suspects’, which charts how a small hard-Left clique affiliated to the ‘Students Not Suspects’ campaign have taken over the National Union of Students (NUS). It has effectively become a vehicle for extremist interests. The government and universities have clearly not … Continued

19 Jan 2018

It’s time for ‘Enough is enough’ to mean something

Alongside our work on documenting and analysing terrorist violence, several of us at HJS also work on exposing and disrupting the spread of the extremist ideologies that drive terrorism. Those promoting these belief systems, even when not openly advocating violence, still work tirelessly to undermine our liberal way of life. The sheer amount of extremist … Continued

12 Jan 2018

Liberal democracies are responding to the rise of China and Russia

While much has been written on the apparent diminishment of the liberal global order, and on the rise of Chinese and Russian revisionism in Ukraine and the South China Sea, comparatively little has been written about how liberal democracies around the world have responded to these mini-attacks on the international system. One of the most … Continued

03 Nov 2017

How does Central Asia contribute to ISIS recruitment?

The New York truck attack that took place this week and left eight dead is another grim reminder of the danger Islamist terrorism poses for the Western countries. The 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, a ‘green card’ holder from Uzbekistan, has been named as the suspect behind the Halloween  attack that crushed cyclists and pedestrians. He is … Continued

31 Jul 2017

Another one bites the dust: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif disqualified from office

The chronic inability of elected governments in Pakistan to complete their designated tenures serves as a constant reminder of the country’s arbitrary democratic credentials. Nawaz Sharif, disqualified from the office of Prime Minister today, is no aberration in the country’s tumultuous political history. Sharif made history in 2013 by riding a wave of popular support … Continued

04 Feb 2016

HJS This Week On American Leadership and War on Terror

Focus shifts to the United States this week and the Iowa caucus, the first opportunity to gauge the support candidates have. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton lead the pack for their respective parties – but who would be best suited in tackling the real terrorist threats the West now faces? After eight years of inaction … Continued


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