Yvette Cooper says delays removing reported content are ‘unacceptable’

By Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

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YouTube under fire after neo-Nazi and Taliban videos found on site despite being flagged

Extremist footage posted by Islamists and neo-Nazis remains online despite pledges from the world’s largest internet companies to remove it, a study has found.

Research carried out by the Henry Jackson Society think-tank found hundreds of extremist videos are available on YouTube, including many that have already been flagged to monitors.

One was entitled “Adolf Hitler was right”, another showed a Muslim man being attacked and Taliban propaganda was also found on the world’s second most-viewed website.

Yvette Cooper, who commissioned the report, said it was “unacceptable” that footage glorifying extremist violence remained online.

The Labour MP, who is chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, accused YouTube of taking too long to remove the material, adding: “Whether that’s Islamic extremism or far Right extremism, the reality is that this material is far too easy to access.

“We know social media can play a role in the radicalisation of young people, drawing them in with twisted and warped ideology.

“YouTube have promised to do more, but they just aren’t moving fast enough.”

The Henry Jackson Society found that 61 reported far-right videos and 60 Islamist videos were still online on YouTube, although dozens of videos that had been flagged were removed.

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