YouTube Doesn’t Know Why Alex Jones Conspiracy Theories Top Results for Austin Explosions

By David Gilbert, VICE News

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An InfoWars video claiming that Antifa members are the “prime suspects” in the mysterious package bombings in Austin, Texas appeared at the top of search results Monday on YouTube — and the company has no idea why.

The video appeared as the third result when VICE News searched for the term “Austin explosions” on Monday evening. Another Infowars video was listed fourth in the search results.

The problem YouTube faces is dealing with content that is not obviously hate speech, and doesn’t explicitly breach its terms of service, videos that are in the “grey area” according to Nikita Malik, director of the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism at The Henry Jackson Society.

“These videos may not directly advocate for violence, but they use symbols, rhetoric, and techniques that are common knowledge to the group of ‘insiders’ that follow the group,” Malik told VICE News.

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