Why Russia (probably) isn’t hacking the general election

By Dr Andrew Foxall

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Ever since 18 April, when Theresa May called the election, a key question has been whether Russia would interfere in the democratic process. In Whitehall, that question has been treated as a matter of “when” not “if” Russian interference would occur. 

And with good reason. From France and the US to Malta and Montenegro, Russia is accused of having meddled in multiple recent national elections. Such meddling is part of President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to undermine the West – its system, values, and way of life.

Last month, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned there was a “realistic possibility” that the Kremlin would interfere in the general election. The US Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, recently told Congress that Russia was using sophisticated cyber-techniques to influence the outcome of the election, just as it had done in the 2016 US Presidential vote.

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