Why Australia is a country that makes a difference in the world

By Alexander Downer

might be wrong but it seems our country is starting to lose its sunny optimism. If there is one characteristic that separates Australians from much of the world, it’s that belief we are on a mission to create a truly great society. This optimism has been entrenched in our culture; when all does not seem well, we like the phrase “she’ll be right, mate”. We eschew fancy ideological constructs for practical outcomes. Australians have only once elected a member of the Communist Party to any of our parliaments and fascists don’t get a look in.

Above all, Australia has been free of the rather weary cynicism that infects so much of Europe. I asked a friend of mine who works for the Financial Times why British political leaders don’t use rousing phrases like “our best days lie ahead of us”. He replied dolefully that they didn’t; they were in the 19th century! To think that takes a very special mindset!

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