When you pander to anti-immigration views, you are feeding conspiracy theories

By Nesrine Malik

It is always a curious thing, to see how Ed Miliband has been rehabilitated into some cuddly toy version of self-deprecating virtue, when he ran the most craven campaign on immigration in the 2015 general election. There is a discount on the centre and the left that applies when it comes to immigration that the right somehow does not get away with. The result, is that the right has won, not only in dictating the tone on immigration, but in creating so much mistrust that the work to be done to undo the damage is so daunting, that it is no wonder that politicians such as Hillary Clinton see no way out but to chime in at the same pitch.

A report by the Henry Jackson society on conspiracy theories around immigration makes for spirit-sapping reading. Not only do most voters in the UK and the US think that immigration is a bad thing, they think that there is a deliberate campaign to change the ethnic nature of the country. There is also a belief that politicians that speak up against immigration are silenced or treated unfairly, and that there is information on immigration that is being hidden or suppressed.

Read the full article in the New Statesman.


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