When India and Pakistan start wrestling again

By Dr Paul Stott

The incursion of the Indian Air Force into Pakistan, and its attack on a Jaish e Mohammed training facility in Balakot on 26 February, was a surprise, but not a shock. The death of 40 of its soldiers in the JeM suicide bombing at Pulwama was so substantive that mere diplomatic protest was never going to satisfy New Delhi. Going forward, in attacking a jihadist camp within Pakistan, without significant diplomatic fall-out, India has established an important red-line in the region.

Assessing events from a British perspective, the latest wrestling bout between these two rivals appears now to have entered a lull. Despite an eager online presence projecting its views to the world, Pakistan’s initial momentum following the dog-fight over Kashmir between the respective Air Forces, was soon lost. Whilst downing an Indian jet and capturing its pilot played well domestically, social media images of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman being beaten by an irate mob was a poor look internationally.


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