What’s wrong with UK’s approach to the Middle East?

By Tatina Kanunnikova, Asia Times

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The Gulf states have repeatedly been in the international spotlight in the context of the spread of terrorism and radical Islam. But not as much is said about their efforts to counteract these trends. In this regard, I found a report issued by the Henry Jackson Society, a renowned British think-tank, to be of interest. The paper, published last month, studies in detail counterterrorism policies of each of the Gulf states. Indeed, Arab governments cannot stand idly by in the face of allegations that they are making an insufficient effort to combat radicalization. Inaction is damaging to the reputations and long-term welfare of the Gulf states.

So, Saudi Arabia has launched a massive counseling programme for prisoners to assist with the rehabilitation of jihadists; the UAE is involving a number of think tanks in the promotion of public debates aimed at raising awareness of extremism; Qatar has improved its legislative framework; Bahrain is bolstering civil initiatives encouraging tolerance; and Kuwait, being an entertainment hub in the region, employs “soft power,” turning soap operas into a counterterrorism tool.

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