We must not disguise the truth about honour violence

By Emma Webb

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Honour violence often entails cruel and horrifying brutality. Last week, in Afghanistan, a 23-year old woman had her ears cut off by her husband in the northern province of Balkh.

She’d been married to him since the age of 13. He was suspicious of her meeting other men when she visited her parents. It’s not an isolated case. This time last year a man gave his Afghan wife the option of being killed or having her nose cut off. He cut off her nose, despite her expressing a preference for death. In previous years, one woman was stoned to death for adultery and another had her top lip and nose cut off.

In Pakistan, an estimated 1,100 women were killed in honour violence in 2015 alone. In 2016 one Pakistani woman had her eyes gouged out and feet cut off by her brothers, and another was burned to death by her parents when she married without permission.

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