We Must Ensure Terrorists Are Denied Access To Children

By Nikita Malik

Extremists have a long history of reaching out to young people, precisely because they are vulnerable, in order to indoctrinate them with problematic views.

Take Khuram Butt – the London Bridge terrorist – who was allowed access to primary school children through teaching after school Arabic classes at Eton Community School, formerly Ad-Deen Primary School, in Ilford.  He told children that non-Muslims were the ‘worst creatures’ and that lying to their parents was acceptable. Youssef Zaghba, another one of the London Bridge attackers, was allowed access to children at a gymnastics club prior to planning a terrorist attack. He had not undergone any background checks. Umar Haque was found guilty of attempting to radicalize at least 110 children at Ripple Road mosque, where we taught an Islamic studies class despite having no teaching qualifications. In his classes, he re-enacted attacks on police officers and showed students videos of beheadings.


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