Watch out for the unintended ripples of the Supreme Court verdict

By Dr Alan Mendoza

There are times in the life of a nation when a single decision made by an authority can have ramifications well beyond the narrowness of the issue at hand.

When the US Supreme Court decided in Roe versus Wade in 1973 that a pregnant woman should have the freedom to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction, it realised full well that many state and federal laws on abortion would be overturned.

However, it could not have predicted – nor would such a prediction have fallen within its legal deliberations or framework of competency – that the decision would create a pro-life versus pro-choice divide in US politics that would help shape elections of all kinds going forwards for years to come.

So it is likely to prove with yesterday’s seismic verdict in the UK Supreme Court, where 11 justices ruled unanimously that the government’s decision to prorogue parliament had been unlawful.

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