UK props up EU’s defence with £17bn as Germany, Italy and France fail to meet NATO targets

By John Ingham, Daily Express

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It says member states “shortchanged” their own defence by nearly £340 billion between 2012 and 2016.

But the UK has propped up the protection of Europe by £17billion over the same period, according to the Henry Jackson Society think-tank.

Its report, What the European Union owes the United Kingdom, says our military contribution should be taken into account in talks about the Brexit divorce bill.

Last month chief European Commission negotiator Michel Barnier infuriated many MPs by claiming Britain was abandoning the EU’s fight against Islamic State.

EU leaders are also committed to creating a European Army, a move the UK has resisted for fear it would undermine Nato.

We are one of only five Nato members to meet the alliance’s spending target of two per cent of GDP, alongside the US, Greece, Estonia and Poland.

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