UK government gives £6 million to extremist charities, report claims

By Gareth Browne, The National

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The UK government has funded a number of charities vulnerable to co-option by extremist groups to the tune of £6 million, it has been revealed.

The charities stand accused of promoting extremist literature and speakers, as well as lending legitimacy to questionable causes.

One charity “consistently provides platforms for extremist and pro-terrorist speakers and has been outspoken in support of those involved in terrorism”.

The funding is provided through Gift Aid, a form of tax rebate on charitable donations in the UK. Charities are able to claim from a donor’s tax payments to the UK treasury, thus increasing the gross size of the donation. It costs the UK treasury more than £1 billion every year.

The report, entitled Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector, and published by the Henry Jackson Society, examines the activities and funding of some 30 charities which, although legal, raise serious questions about charity oversight.

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