Trump’s peace plan has shifted the Palestinian direction of travel

By Dr Alan Mendoza

History is usually a cruel mistress to its losers, particularly in the case of peoples attempting to create new nations who failed in their aspirations.

Not much is heard today of the Republic of Biafra, for example, an attempt led largely by the Igbo people to create an independent state carved out of Nigeria’s eastern provinces between 1967 and 1970 which ended in defeat. Nor is the memory of the Katangese secession of 1960–1963 from what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo easily recalled.

History’s losers have largely faded into irrelevance. The international community at large has accepted that time cannot stand still while old arguments wait to be resolved. On the contrary, we have realised that history is dynamic. Circumstances change, and it is almost always understood that people must change with them.


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