‘Treat Russian oligarchs like CROOKS!’ Tory MP DEMANDS crackdown after spy poison attack

By Dan Falvey, Daily Express

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Tory MP Tom Tugendhat called on the Prime Minister to be bold in her approach to Russia following a nerve agent attack on an ex-Kremlin spy that Putin’s Government have been accused offing responsible for.

Hundreds of Russian millionaires own property in London and use the city as a ‘rich man’s play area’.

Mr Tugendhat called on the Prime Minister to enforce a raft of new probes on how the oligarchs make their money.

The call for a hard line against Putin have been backed by the Henry Jackson Society think tank.

The think tank’s Director of Russia and Eurasia Studies, Dr Andrew Foxall, said: “It is up to the West to make clear to Russia that actions like this will exclude it from the civilised world”.

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