Time for Australia to stop calling itself a ‘middle power’

By Anthony Bergin, Financial Review

The Henry Jackson Society in the UK looked at 33 indicators and 1240 pieces of data to assess the geopolitical capability of the Group of 20 nations, plus Nigeria. The United States headed the rankings with the United Kingdom ahead of China, France and Germany. Japan was in sixth position followed by Canada and Australia. That put us just ahead of India and Russia. The study found that we’re more politically powerful than Russia because we are a “hemispheric power” capable of projecting ourselves and defending our own interests within the southern hemisphere.

James Rogers, the study’s chief analyst, noted that our burgeoning economy (we’ve completed 27 consecutive years of annual economic growth) and a strengthened military have helped secure our position as a major world player. He suggests that Australia has profited from our links to the Anglosphere and that further investment in the Five-Eyes intelligence sharing arrangement could help us rise even higher. Rogers points out that on cultural power– our ability to attract others to our cause, our narrative to shape and influence global discourse or ideas and ideology – we’re ranked fourth in the world. Last year Australia was ranked 10th globally on the Soft Power study index by Portland Communications.

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