Throwing Muslim minorities under the bus

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

While British politics has been utterly consumed by Brexit, there is an important parliamentary debate scheduled for this week – on the working definition of ‘Islamophobia’ that has been developed by MPs.

It is absolutely essential that anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice, which directly impact on the wellbeing of British Muslims, are condemned and addressed in all their forms. This includes anti-Muslim acts of hatred and violence, as well as anti-Muslim discrimination, which continues to persist in the UK labour market and the private rented sector.

But this spectacularly flawed definition has the potential to undermine our counterterrorism efforts. Worse, it represents a fundamental attack on free speech and robust intellectual inquiry. This is perhaps unsurprising, as ultra-woke ‘academivists’, who often prioritise the aggressive promotion of their regressive-left politics over robust academic inquiry, were involved in the development of the definition.


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