This high-stakes Brexit election of gambles is currently too tough to call

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

With the party manifestos now released, the respective party positions on Brexit remain an area of contention.

The Labour Party – sticking with its position of “Brexit triangulation” – have pledged to renegotiate the UK’s withdrawal deal with the EU if it is elected to power, and subsequently put this new deal to the British people in a referendum (with the option of remaining in the EU being offered).

Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s central hope is this: when it comes to the crunch, it will not be “Brexit identity” which plays a decisive factor in how people vote. It will be anxieties over the inequalities reproduced by market capitalism, the chipping away of workers’ rights, under-resourced public services, and the botched roll-out of universal credit, which will help Labour win deprived Remain-voting seats in Britain’s “core cities”, as well as Leave-leaning constituencies in the deindustrialised provinces. Enough seats to end Boris Johnson’s brief reign as Conservative prime minister.


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