Theresa May MUST increase military spending or face ‘darkest days since the Cold War’

By Joseph Carey, Daily Express

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A Henry Jackson Society report, seen by, ordered the Government to dig deeper into public funds to preserve a strong British military.

Author and founding member James Rogers said: “For many years now – the UK has allocated a progressively smaller share of its national income to national security.

“This may have made sense during the post-Cold War years, but it does not make sense today.

“While the past two decades have been a relatively stable and prosperous era, a plethora of existing geopolitical trends could easily come together, in whole or in part, to generate future flashpoints.

“The policies of a prickly and revisionist Russia; the further breakdown of order in the Middle East; the geopolitical rise of the Indo-Pacific, not least China; America’s domestic political situation, allied to the US’ shifting geopolitical interests in keeping with its status as both an Atlantic and Pacific power.”

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