The Westminster Terrorist Attack

By Tom Wilson

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The conversation around extremism can easily be shut down by the fear of upsetting sensitivities.  But the attack outside Parliament reminds us that this is no abstract matter. The threat is real and the number of people willing to use violence for their cause remains disturbingly high.

All the more disturbing is how easily a car or van can be turned into a weapon.  By my count, in 2016 there were only four terrorist incidents  in Western countries featuring vehicles. In 2017 that jumped to 14.

The increase in these kinds of low-tech attacks is partly explained by the amateurism of those lacking firearms or bombs.

Fortunately the damage done by the latest assailant was limited and crashing his vehicle where he did suggests it is possible he had failed to do his research, unlike in previous attacks.

Last year Theresa May warned we had been far too tolerant of extremism and that some embarrassing conversations would have to be had.  Until we have them, attacks will keep happening.


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