The United States Needs a Plan to Compete with Huawei

By Dr John Hemmings

It is likely that the recent Financial Times article by former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan caught U.S. alliance managers and intelligence officials completely by surprise. A seeming trial balloon by the UK government in advance of its ongoing telecommunications security review, the article argued that in assessing Chinese tech risks, the UK has a unique advantage because of its Huawei-funded facility at Banbury, which vets the Chinese company’s technology, code and practices. Following hard on the heels of the article, a second one cited a source inside the UK National Cyber Security Centre that said it would be possible to mitigate the risk from using Huawei equipment in the nation’s 5G networks. While it is true that the UK does have this center, it is also true that this center itself found that Huawei had not lived up to promises to improve its “engineering processes.” Its code has been sloppy, either out of laziness or ill intent. It is also true that—despite appearances and media reporting—the other Five Eyes share the United States’ concern.


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