The Tories may have scooped up most of the Leave vote, but they struggled with British Muslim Brexiteers

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

The UK has witnessed one of the most stunning general election results in post-war history. With the disintegration of Labour’s traditional ‘red wall’, the Conservatives managed to breach Brexit-voting ‘coal country’ in spectacular fashion – winning seats such as Blyth Valley, Bishop Auckland, Sedgefield, North West Durham, Ashfield, Bassetlaw and Bolsover.

A plethora of national surveys have shown that the Conservative Party successfully managed to ‘unify’ Leavers – ‘cannibalising’ the Brexit Party vote and winning over a notable number of habitual Labour voters. But there was a group of Leave voters where the Conservatives trailed the Labour Party by some distance: British Muslim Brexiteers.


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