The overlooked ideology behind 21st century far-right terror

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

Like a number of previous far-right terrorist attacks, the recent shootings in the German town of Hanau were accompanied by the publication of a manifesto. Perpetrator Tobias Rathjen’s document contained pseudo-scientific narratives rooted in ethnic-supremacist beliefs – calling for the destruction of non-white peoples in countries such as Algeria, Uzbekistan, India and Laos.

With the threat of far-right terrorism becoming increasingly globalised, the new report from the Henry Jackson Society analysing three far-right manifestos produced in 2019 is extremely timely. These documents – authored by suspected far-right terrorists Brenton Tarrant, John Earnest, and Patrick Crusius – while incorporating some familiar theories, also contain themes which suggest that the ideological complexities associated with contemporary far-right terrorism have been somewhat neglected.


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