The case for eurosceptic social democracy

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

The UK voted to leave the EU – over 3 years ago. And pro-Remain metropolitan elitists – including “leftist” politicians who claim to “represent” working-class interests – still continue with their efforts to thwart Brexit.

This is a sorry tale of a great number of elected representatives who remain utterly miffed that the UK’s June 2016 vote on EU membership didn’t go in their favour. The horror they must have felt when they realised that the vote of a lesser-educated, working-class warehouse worker in Stockton-on-Tees had the same weight as theirs on such an important matter of Britain’s national alignment. Of course, the Leave result back in June 2016 could not have been delivered without a swathe of affluent, Tory-facing, Brexit-voting constituencies – such as Brentwood in Essex. But there is a clear association established in the existing literature between lower socio-economic status and higher likelihood of voting to leave the EU.


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