The Brexit Party genie cannot be stuffed back into the bottle

By Dr Alan Mendoza

It was said of the French Bourbons during the Restoration following the Revolutionary and Napoleonic interregnum that “they had learned nothing, and forgotten nothing”.

Utterly oblivious to how France had changed since Louis XVI had been driven from the throne, his relatives proceeded to attempt to roll back the clock and restore their vision of kingship. The strategy ended in disaster, with Charles X’s forced abdication in 1830 and the end of the Bourbon monarchy.

The Bourbons may have long passed into the mists of history, but it appears that their influence lives on. For this week, we learned that the Prime Minister’s rejected Brexit deal will be placed before the House of Commons for a fourth time by early June.

With the hope of delivering parliamentary consensus through negotiations with the Labour party receding, it appears that the Prime Minister is staking her remaining political capital on a last-gasp attempt to cross the line.

It is not difficult to see why May has taken this course of action. Threatened by the prospect of an imminent coup de grace by her despairing – yet vacillating – Conservative colleagues, she has kicked the can down the road as far as they will let her.


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