Terror watchdog says teen jihadis returning from fighting for ISIS in Syria ‘need space’ and SHOULDN’T be arrested

By Harry Cole, The Sun

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BRIT jihadis returning from Iraq and Syria should be given “space” to get back to normal life instead of being prosecuted, the new terror watchdog said yesterday.

QC Max Hill said authorities should leave the former IS fighters alone in the UK as they were just “naïve” teenagers …

But Home Affairs Select Committee boss Yvette Cooper hit out: “Travelling to a war zone to join an extremist terrorist group is a crime.”

“We must be clear that there will be serious consequences for those who take this dangerous course of action.”

And Tom Wilson from The Henry Jackson Society said: “Clearly these returning ISIS fighters pose an unimaginably serious threat to the safety and welfare of the British public.

“But there is also a very real matter of justice at play here.

“These are individuals who have not only chosen to join a terrorist organisation, but who in many cases will have been responsible for perpetrating atrocities and war crimes in Iraq and Syria.

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