Swarm of Spies

By The Sun

Even if the estimate by espionage expert Dr Andrew Foxall was out by a factor of five, the total of Kremlin ­informants on our streets is wildly and dangerously out of control. His report claims there are 75,000 “assets” working for Putin.

That’s up to half of all Russian expats in London and vastly more than Britain has in Moscow. It puts our expulsion of just 23 of their diplomats after the Salisbury outrage into perspective.

MI5 and the National Crime Agency are doing their best. But it is clear we are failing to stop spies arriving or to kick them out when identified.

More must be expelled. Russia’s TV propaganda station RT must be taken off air. Putin’s oligarch pals must face a crackdown, including the seizure of their mansions or other assets they cannot explain. We want Britain to be the investment capital of the world, not a laundry for dirty money.

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