Social media companies accused of ‘radicalising and grooming’ users with algorithms

By Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

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Internet giants have been accused of aiding terrorist groups by letting their own algorithms radicalise people and draw them into a “bubble of hate”.

The chair of the Home Affairs Committee warned representatives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that police were “extremely worried” about the role of technology in extremism and online grooming.

Nikita Malik, director of the Henry Jackson Society’s radicalisation centre, said the Government – which is currently relying on voluntary cooperation from online firms, also had a role to play.

“Much remains to be done amongst the social media community in sharing trends and information regarding extremist content,” she added.

“In turn, the Government has an important role to play in making clear which regulation applies to service providers and holding them to account when harmful content is left online for too long.”

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