Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to London offers counter-extremism fresh start

By Gareth Browne, The National

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Since becoming Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in June, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has laid down a series of bold initiatives, perhaps none more challenging that his vow to return the country to the “moderate Islam” of his grandfathers

It ranks alongside decisions permitting women to drive, building new economic powerhouse cities and a much publicised anti-corruption purge. Pushing back against religious extremism has been just a part of this.

Najah Al Otaibi, Research Fellow in the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism, at The Henry Jackson society also told The National the alleged relationship was causing the country problems. “Links to extremism and the financing of terrorism have always been a significant factor in Saudi Arabia’s negative image and something that has long undermined its counter-terrorism efforts.”

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