Russia will launch ‘major cyber attack’ if UK applies new sanctions, experts warn

By Marco Giannangeli, Daily Express

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Relations between London and Moscow are at their lowest for 40 years following the targeting of the former spy and his daughter with a nerve agent.

“We cannot be agents of Russia by allowing them to view the UK as a safe space following an outrage that seems increasingly to lay at Moscow’s door,” said Professor Anthony Glees, director of Buckingham University’s Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies.

“We must retaliate by seizing all Russian assets, especially in London, but the Government must then prepare us for retaliation by Russia. In my view we will be hit by a cyber attack in the UK just as we’ve seen in France, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Estonia.”

“The FSB’s hallmark is the willingness to kill brazenly,” said Dr Andrew Foxall of the Henry Jackson Society think-tank.

“And it was Putin who, in 2006, forced a change in the law so that it could operate abroad. The FSB now acts with impunity because it has the protection of the Kremlin.”

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