Post-Brexit Britain MUST boost defence spending to counter new threats, think tank warns

By Harvey Gavin, Daily Express

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Unveiling its vision for the future of national security in a comprehensive report this week, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) urged the UK to commit more cash to its military in order to cement its future as a world player and reduce its reliance on the United States.

Report author and HJS founding member James Rogers said the UK must raise defence spending to better deal with threats including the “policies of a prickly and revisionist Russia”, the “dramatic” increase in China’s military and the “further breakdown of order in the Middle East”.

Unveiling the research at the House of Lords this week, defence expert Mr Rogers warned the American economy is being gradually drawn towards Asia – and its forces would invariably follow to protect its trade interests.

And Mr Rogers concluded the only way for Britain to maintain its influence was to have the “ability to wield a big stick” in the form of a properly funded military.

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