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Casey Review represents invaluable contribution to managing integration

Catherine Perez-Shakdam discusses the Gaza Strip flare-up with Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije on TalkTV

Charlotte Littlewood discusses the Salman Rushdie attack with Peter Cardwell on TalkTV

Charlotte Littlewood discussing far right extremism on GBNews


Chilcot damning, but not a “hanging jury”


Chilcot Inquiry’s future impact as important to UK national interests as its past conclusions

Child Poverty in the UK – Dr Rakib Ehsan for GB News

Dr Rakib Ehsan advises the UK government’s response to the Child Sexual Abuse report in CapX

China could use British produced microchips to spy on us – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

China is celebrating the West’s failure in Afghanistan – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

China owes us compensation for massive negligence – Dr Mendoza speaks to talkRADIO about COVID

Sam Armstrong shares how Chinese agents targeted him on LinkedIn in The Spectator

Choudary’s calls for a harsher Taliban make Britain’s streets less safe – Sam Armstrong on GBNews

Communication not confrontation at Biden-Putin summit – Rob Clark on talkRADIO

Compensation for Coronavirus? Dr Alan Mendoza talks to Mark Dolan about HJS’ latest paper

Gray Sergeant comments on how the West and China can cooperate on global issues such as climate change in CapX


Conviction of neo-Nazi extremist Thomas Mair highlights necessity of Prevent strategy


Counter protests to be held throughout Egypt during Ramadan

Craig Tiedman highlights the need for long-term planning in Afghanistan in The Sunday Guardian

Craig Tiedman comments on the US presidential election’s foreign policy implications in The Telegraph


Crown Prince’s visit offers the chance for the UK to back a liberal form of Islam


Crucial NATO summit will cement UK’s role as an international power

Cutting foreign aid makes the UK safer

Decolonising Shakespeare – Sam Armstrong discusses the Globe’s decision with Kevin O’Sullivan


Defence Committee is clear that Britain should boost spending on our Armed Forces


Defence Committee report confirms UK must step up fight against Islamic State


Defence Committee report is solid, but North Korea may have its own ‘rationale’ for action


Defence Committee report on intervention confirms urgent need to assert and resource Britain’s vital role in global peace and security

Delay to the easing of lockdown and Macron’s stubbornness – Sam Armstrong on talkRADIO

Matt Dryden evaluates the case of Shamima Begum in The Spectator


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