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Westminster incident would fit a pattern of low-tech attacks aimed at institutions of government

Nikita Malik on LBC discusses the Disney Store plot

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses Washington’s sanctions on Iran on talkRADIO


US sanctions are a message to the ayatollahs: reform or go

It’s time to relearn the geography of British power

Tom Wilson discusses the fate of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on BBC Sunday Morning Live

Nikita Malik appears on LBC to discuss the ISIS ‘Beatles’

Dr Alan Mendoza discusses the case for a new Treason Act on LBC

Nikita Malik talks online radicalisation with Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow


Next Independent Reviewer must be a guarantor of security, not a community engagement officer


White Paper will be a tool in the armoury against powers looking to buy or steal UK’s sensitive technology

Tom Wilson discusses the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on BBC Radio London

Tom Wilson discusses the future of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ on the Jeremy Vine Show

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses President Trump and Vladimir Putin on Sky News


Trump-Putin summit is welcome – but the West must continue to act together in defence of our values

James Rogers discusses Trump in NATO on TRT World

Dr Alan Mendoza appears on Fox News with Tucker Carlson about Trump’s visit to the UK

Dr Alan Mendoza speaks to Fox News on Trump and the NATO Summit


Trump NATO comments demonstrate reality of enduring US commitment to Europe – if Europe does what’s right


Petty virtue signalling about Trump visit should not distract from the importance of the enduring Special Relationship


Donald Trump is right: NATO member states must pay their dues and do their part

Dr Andrew Foxall on Sky News discussing the Wiltshire poisoning


New novichok poisoning is a reminder of Russia’s disregard for human life

Dr Andrew Foxall discusses the Wiltshire novichok poisoning on talkRADIO


Defence Committee is clear that Britain should boost spending on our Armed Forces

Nikita Malik speaks to LBC Radio about new Europol terrorism statistics

Dr Andrew Foxall on Sky News discussing Russia and the World Cup

Dr Alan Mendoza on BBC The Big Questions debating ‘is the liberal world order in crisis?’


Henry Jackson Society pledges to continue to defend liberal democracy as it launches major brand refresh


England fans must be “on their guard” as Russian hooligans target them at World Cup


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