Nuclear Nuances: How to Negotiate with North Korea

By James Amedeo

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Negotiations may be better than war; however, if talks are just for talks’ sake and do not lead to a safer environment for the United States and its allies, then the diplomacy is not worth pursuing.

President Donald Trump’s version of foreign policy has weakened his negotiating position with North Korea by the way he treats his allies and competitors in the region. If he wishes to achieve what his predecessors failed to do (i.e. verify the North’s nuclear weapon programme), then his tactics need to change.

It has been nearly a month since North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Trump signed a vague document which left Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to clear up the details. Pompeo attempted to do just that when he travelled to Pyongyang last week. Unfortunately, his efforts came to little avail as North Korea and the United States gave different accounts of the meeting; the North’s foreign ministry claimed the talks were “regrettable” and Pompeo claimed the talks were “productive.” The only substance produced from the meeting was the scheduling of a follow-up meeting around July 12 in Panmunjom to discuss the return of the remains of US soldiers from the Korean War – and early reports indicate that the North Korean delegation skipped that meeting.

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