New York attack: Terror manuals containing instructions for bomb used by Akayed Ullah remain online

By Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

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Terrorist manuals showing jihadis how to build the same type of bomb used in last week’s New York subway attack remain online amid warnings of further attacks.

Google’s algorithms could lead extremists to the material, which was still available through search results more than 48 hours after The Independent alerted the tech giant.

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Isis supporter, detonated his crude device in a subway passage during last Monday morning’s rush hour …

Nikita Malik, a senior research fellow at think tank the Henry Jackson Society, said there were also a “remarkable amount” of videos showing how to make rudimentary explosives on YouTube.

“It’s appalling that we can find on Google bomb-making guides, chemical handbooks and beheading photos,” she told The Independent.

“There are tonnes of bomb-making guides coming up. The reason they’re not getting removed is that there’s no clear legislation on who is responsible for disseminating terrorist material.”

The act is a criminal offence in the UK, but only individuals have so far been prosecuted, rather than internet companies or publishers.

Ms Malik took particular aim at Google, calling on the giant to eliminate dangerous pages from its search results or make them harder to find.

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