Muslim converts ‘vulnerable to Isis radicalisation’, research finds

By Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

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Muslim converts can be vulnerable to radicalisation because their “vacuum of knowledge” leaves them ill-equipped to reject extremist ideology, a new report has warned.

Research by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) think-tank found that although the vast majority of converts to Islam are “peaceful and law-abiding”, they are over-represented among Isis’ foreign fighters and have perpetrated major terror attacks.

“When taken together with other aggravating factors such as possession of a criminal record, paternal absence, and exposure to the messages of radical preachers, the process of conversion can indicate a vulnerability to extremism,” the report concluded.

Dr Julia Rushchenko, an associate fellow at the HJS Centre for the Response to Terrorism and Radicalisation, said jihadi groups have proven capable “of luring a wide range of individuals from across Europe”, adding: “Policy-makers and practitioners must be alert to this specific but understudied danger, if they are to counter extremism effectively.”

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