MPs fear resurgent Russia will pose threat to Arctic stability

By Press Association for AOL News

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Ministers have been urged to show “greater ambition and apply more resources” to address the developing security situation in the Arctic…

Right-wing think tank the Henry Jackson Society warned Russia had spent the last decade “intensively militarising” the Arctic, leaving the West vulnerable.

It’s Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre director Dr Andrew Foxall said Russian investment had included re-opening Soviet-era military bases, building new facilities and establishing new Arctic brigades.

“This has far outstripped Western efforts over the same period and has left the West vulnerable,” he said.

“In so far as Russia’s actions threaten the international system, it seems clear that greater dangers lie ahead — for both the UK and the West — if Russia’s militarisation of the Arctic goes unchecked.”


Please note: The Henry Jackson society is a cross-party organisation whose staff are from across the political spectrum.  It works to advance democracy, freedom and human rights around the World.


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