MEND is a cause for alarm — here’s why

By Marcus Dysch, Jewish Chronicle


Senior figures who want to “batter” pro-Israel voices in politics; volunteers who promote antisemitic conspiracy theories; activists who compare the plight of Palestinians to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Throw into the mix prominent MPs, the leader of the National Union of Students and a senior police officer, and it is little wonder that last week’s event in Parliament organised by the Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) group caused such shock and anger.

Mend describes itself as a team of “entrepreneurs, doctors, policy analysts, grassroots activists, Muslims and non-Muslims all bound by the ethos of a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-Muslim hatred”.

But for years it has been a notorious presence in public affairs spheres in Westminster and beyond …

The day before the Westminster event last week, the Henry Jackson Society think tank published an 87-page report highlighting a series of concerns about Mend’s work, staff and volunteers.

It said the group was “Islamists masquerading as civil libertarians” and that it had attacked liberal Muslims engaged in counter-extremism.

On occasions, officials and volunteers “have expressed a variety of troubling views on terrorism”.

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