Many ethnic-minority voters backed Brexit, too

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

Those who voted Remain keep saying the same things about those who voted Leave. They were swayed by the promises on the sides of red buses. Electoral Commission rules were broken. They were lied to about Turkey joining the EU. The result delivered in June 2016 was the product of misinformation, flouting of the law, and downright scaremongering.

There may well be a degree of truth in some of this. But much of the Remainer lobby’s and mainstream media’s portrayal of the result is way off the mark. Depicting the Brexit vote as an event driven by misinformed, dispossessed simpletons in de-industrialised parts of the provincial Midlands and northern England is a crass oversimplification.

British Euroscepticism is complex. Yes, white British working-class voters, who tend to feel ignored by the London-centric political establishment, overwhelmingly voted to leave. But middle-class social conservatives also formed an important part of the Leave coalition. The result in June 2016 was celebrated in many affluent Tory-voting southern constituencies as well as in traditional Labour heartlands.


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