Malcolm Turnbull warns Brits about letting Huawei build 5G network

By Latika Bourke

Addressing an audience that included many prominent British MPs at the Henry Jackson Society, a hawkish London think tank, Turnbull said last month’s hack of Australian political parties underlined the need to be agile in responding to the growing cyber threat.

“It’s why in one of the final decisions made while I was prime minister, as a decision of the government of course, the Cabinet, was to ban telecommunications companies which could not meet our security requirements, and that included Huawei and ZTE from providing equipment to our new 5G telecom networks on national security grounds,” he said.

“We were the first nation formally to do so, and we decided not because another country told us to do so, let alone for protectionist reasons, but to defend our own sovereignty and to hedge against changing times.”

“It’s important to remember that the threat is a combination of capability and intent. Capability can take years or decades to develop … but intent can change in a heartbeat.”

Read the full article in The Sydney Morning Herald


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