Labour is on the verge of total irrelevance

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

Following its catastrophic General Election defeat, the Labour Party desperately needs a period of serious introspection. The gravity of the defeat must not be underestimated by those within the party. Labour is on the brink of declining into a state of complete irrelevance – into an amateurish social-activist organisation, out of touch with much of the British public.

Momentum, now a dominant force within the party, helped to produce a disastrous policy agenda that married open-borders cosmopolitanism with the aggressive prioritisation of minority-group interests. Outrider media organisations like Novara Media have also caused significant damage to Labour. They appear to have a fundamental loathing for patriotic, traditional working-class voters. (Take Aaron Bastani’s denunciation of the Poppy Appeal as ‘white supremacist’.) These people have exploited Labour, using it as a vehicle to infiltrate mainstream politics and push their wokeism.

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