Jeremy Corbyn BELITTLES the US as not most important ally – backing EU and China for trade

By Taryn Tarrant-Cornish, Daily Express

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JEREMY Corbyn belittled the “special relationship” between the US and UK and hinted that if he was elected Prime Minister it would not be more important than the EU and China after he claimed the superpower is not our most important ally.The Labour leader instead highlighted the importance of the UK’s trading relationship with China, India and the EU.

When asked if he thought the US relationship was the UK’s most important Mr Corbyn said: “No. I think there are many important relationships.

The Labour leader’s statements come after it was claimed by a think tank that the UK had scored an “own goal” by allowing Trump to skip the trip.

Dr Alan Mendoza from the Henry Jackson Society claimed that the decision from Mr Trump would “worsen” the UK’s position “in relation to others”.

He said: “It is an own goal for the UK if the threat of mass protests has prevented the President of our closest ally from attending an embassy opening.


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