Islamic State: British girls who join ISIS are NOT ‘vulnerable brides’ – new report

By Harvey Gavin

Ms Malik warned that the UK family court is frequently powerless to take steps to protect the welfare of children, even when the counter-terrorism division is aware that parents involved are often terrorists with extremist mindsets.

She called for new powers for judges to use in cases extremism involving children to ensure they are protected from radicalisation.

She said: “The UK faces a real and imminent prospect of a wave of women from Islamic State returning to the UK with babies and children in tow.

“They return to a family courts system that is not currently up to the task of handling the serious challenges of extremism.

“The cases in the report are unique, in that the threat to children is ideological as well as physical.

“When courts act in these cases, they must settle upon a course of action which not only protects the child from harm, but protects them from becoming a person who does harm to themselves or others in the future.”

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