ISIS sex slave was raped in hospital after trying to kill herself to escape torment

By Henry Vaughan and Rachel Bishop, Daily Mirror

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An ISIS sex slave who tried to kill herself said she was raped in her hospital bed while she hearing the desperate cries of her sister being raped next door.

The Iraqi girl’s story has been released as part of a number of horrific accounts from girls and women kept as sex slaves by Islamic State and Boko Haram.

Other Islamic State slaves said members would touch the chests of captured girls to see whether they had grown breasts and if not they would check again a few months later …

The study by foreign policy and security think tank the Henry Jackson Society suggests kidnapping brought in £7.6 million to £22.8 million for Isis last year.

The report, headed by researcher Nikita Malik, also details how extremists are using sexual violence, including rape, sexual slavery, and forced marriage, to boost recruitment, galvanise fighters and punish disbelievers.

Victims cited in the study include a 10-year-old Libyan girl who was repeatedly raped by traffickers while she was being held in a camp.

Another victim said she was lured by a family friend into ISIS.

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