ISIS out for REVENGE: Sleeper cells ‘to launch terror attacks in West’ after fall of Raqqa

By Henry Holloway, Daily Star

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US-led coalition forces managed to drive the terrorists out of the city in Syria after intense fighting raged there since June.

The Fall of Raqqa is being touted as a symbolic victory over ISIS, who have now lost most of the territory they claimed at the establishment of the so-called caliphate in 2014.

However, experts fear this victory will mean “very little” in the over-arching war against the Islamic State.

Jihadi terror networks stretched across the world are “more powerful ever”, it has been warned …

ISIS expert Kyle Orton, from the Henry Jackson Society, said the jihadi cult have been preparing for this defeat for months.

The terrorists already cleared out their infrastructure and leadership – and moved their capital to Madan some 90 miles away.

He warned the factors that allowed ISIS to rise are “probably worse now than they were in 2014” as factions battle to carve-up the remains on Syria and Iraq.

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