Is the support of Brexit-backing voters in ex-industrial towns key to the Tories winning the election?

By Dr Rakib Ehsan

The Brexit Party’s announcement that it will not stand in the 317 seats the Conservatives won at the 2017 General Election is a notable development – but not quite the game-changer some make it out to be. The risk remains of a “pro-Leave split” allowing Labour to cling on to Brexit-leaning seats such as Halifax and Crewe & Nantwich.

A Centre for Towns-YouGov joint enterprise found that in “ex-industrial towns”, Labour are trailing the Conservatives by 5 percentage points (27 per cent against 32 per cent). At the 2017 General Election, where both parties pledged to honour the result of the June 2016 referendum on EU membership, Labour were ahead of the Conservatives among this set of towns by a comfortable margin of 13 percentage points.


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